Type Of Bonus

The High Roller Bonus

Casinos offer this bonus so they can entice players into depositing more money and also playing with higher stakes. This bonus is often for the high roller, the VIPs or the big guys. It comes with other benefits and special treatments such as being offered tickets to sports activities. At the end, the aim is just for the player to deposit more and play more. .

The Refer A Friend Bonus

Nowadays, this bonus is fast going out of fashion in most casino houses. The bonus comes when one successfully invites his friend to the casino for a game or more. Each time the invitation is successful, the player gets a bonus. Another way of pulling players to the casino houses and a very good one at that. A pity most casino houses no longer offer this bonus.

Sticky Bonus

This bonus is one that can never be cashed out. There is no way of withdrawing it. Even though this might seem like a bad deal to the player, it actually helps. You can use the sticky bonus to wager as much as you like. As most sticky bonuses are quite generous, you have more money in your account to go for the big win, to hit a jackpot or put together some good winning string at a table game like the blackjack.

The Free Trial Without Deposit Bonus

The bonus cannot be withdrawn. It is to be used only in the casino house to try your hand at various games without making a deposit. The winnings also cannot be paid out. The free trial no deposit bonus is to help you ascertain if the casino is a place where you would like to play in..

The Cashback Bonus : This is a sort of consolatory bonus which is offered to players who have lost throughout their gambling sessions. It is a sort of reimbursement and a nice way of pushing players to try again. Here is how it works: if you are on two hundredths money back bonus and lose 500 dollars, you will be offered 100 dollars back. However the cashback bonus does not extend to those who still have a positive balance in their accounts.