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How to keep a tan after the sea for a long time at home

The resistance of the tan depends on the individual characteristics of the skin.

Average: tan persists two to four weeks after the last session of sunbathing. But if you try, it can be delayed and over a considerable period of time.

❀ The first step is a cosmetic after-sun product. Tonic, spray or cream does not matter, it’s just a matter of preferences and convenience of application. They should be used and return to the resort. At least another month, they can replace the usual moisturizer.

❀ After tanning good not only nourish skin, but also preserve the tan. Generally, hydration is the main concern after a season of sunbathing. Under ultraviolet light the skin is dry and dehydrated. Hence, greyish, and peeling. So during this period, suitable means “super” and “ultra” moisturizing, in addition, contains aloe Vera, vitamins E, F, 5 and S.

❀ There is a special diet to maintain the skin color. The main ingredient is carrot and apricot juices. Fluid generally should be as large as possible. Cosmetologists say that the tan will not fade, if you drink eight glasses of water daily. And it is best to drink natural mineral water.

❀ You should pay attention to products with a high content of vitamin A (e.g., tomatoes). This vitamin helps the skin to recover and “hold” the sun.

❀ But the surest and easiest way, regular visits to the Solarium. To maintain tan medium intensity once a week. In addition, for special occasions, you can use self-tanning products.

That dangerous sun

❀ Beware of all bleaching treatments and products. Again carefully study the composition and properties of your favorite creams. Forbidden ingredients: milk whey, extracts of St. John’s wort, lemon and cucumber.

❀ Discard the Foundation. The pigments included in it, change the natural color of skin to gray or opal. Dark skin and looks so healthy, so you can do shimmering powder with effect of sunburn. Due to the texture it will show your tan and will mask minor flaws.

❀ Afraid to wash away the tan — very stupid. The substance melanin (which darken when exposed to the sun) is produced in the deep layers of the track. No loofah or scrub won’t hurt them. In contrast, necrotic sloughing of the upper layers, you add your skin Shine and health.

❀ Long water treatments (especially hot baths) adversely affect the color of the sun. With steamed chocolate skin tone can get uneven, and the skin, therefore, becomes spotty.

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