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TracFone Wireless – TracFone MyAccount

If you ask a Telecom specialist to name the largest Telecom operators in the USA, you will hear four brands – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. And if you ask to name and regional companies, it is unlikely that someone will cope with this task without access to the Internet – in the United States dozens of mobile companies, each of which is building a network in one or more States or even just a few cities. It would seem that in such a competitive and saturated market of communication services simply can not be a place for virtual operators. Assume this and make a mistake. The place is, or was, because it confidently took the company TracFone Wireless. Today, this operator, not the name of its own network, is the 5th largest operator in the US market, serving 22.4 million connections at the end of 2012.

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This virtual operator, a subsidiary of Latin America’s largest operator America Movil, operating in more than ten countries in the region, has already gained two-thirds of The t-Mobile USA subscriber base and continues to grow faster than its competitor. In 2012, the company increased the number of connections by 13.3%. Only during the new year holidays, the company grew by 753 thousand connections ahead of both AT & T and Verizon. Consumers are obviously attracted by the terms of the contract that TracFone offers to the market.
TracFone is growing so fast on the resources of large operators, buying from them wholesale CDMA and GSM “minutes” and traffic in 3G networks – from all four operators. Sales also go under different brands-Staight Talk, Net 10, Simple Mobile, Telcel America and SafeLink Wireless. Each brand is aimed at its own consumer niche, in particular, Straight Talk is addressed to iPhone users who do not mind to save money, and Telcel, for example, serves the Mexican community in the United States. All proposals share one thing in common – it does not require contracts deals and low tariffs for traffic of voice and data.
TracFone’s success is unique in many ways. In the US, there are dozens of new independent MVNO, but most of them are modest in size. One of the most successful virtual projects, Solavei – is only 100 thousand subscribers. However, we will not jump to conclusions, Solavei opened just six months ago, and TracFone had a lot of time to gain experience and grow, the company operates on the market since 1996, when the term “virtual operator” did not exist. Then the company just traded prepay connections.


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