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Waze – the social GPS

Society is power! Every person possesses some unique and unusual information. However, sometimes there are inaccuracies, but this information, and that means something.

Here collects all the data the Waze app, giving us information about traffic jams, accidents, road maintenance, location and speed of other users. On top of that Waze is also a Navigator, able to adjust the route in accordance with traffic situation.

Картинки по запросу Waze обзор приложения

The beginning of the work

When you first start we have to accept the license agreement. And also register the presence of mobile phone necessary. After that, you can fully use Waze. We see a fairly typical interface card. We can ask the route, to display our location, to include an electronic compass, to display friends and go to a menu.

It is necessary to say a few words about the maps. They are not very detailed, and compared with maps and Yandex Navigator, and not hold a candle. Well, at least the main roads are. Support layers, there is 2D/3D map (the map itself is displayed at an angle, three-dimensional buildings in Google Maps and Navitel, no), and day and night modes.

In addition, the cached maps cannot be, therefore, the application will require an Internet connection. Interesting to note the voice command. During a way we can request information about traffic, new route, learn the location of the nearest gas stations and so on. The answer affectionate enough, but not very high-quality female voice.

To activate the voice query you have to press three fingers on the screen or to hand over it (with proximity sensor).

The map contains a variety of icons, emoticons and other pictograms. What do they mean? If the displayed Builder, it is the repair of the road, if some car – crash, and later in the same spirit. There are traffic police post and other important places.

Here and open a “second wind” navigation. If we have not hit traffic, and our route goes right through it, Waze will automatically decrease the way.

Some icons are very unusual, for example, the smiley face at the bow and on wheels. In our case it is a user. You can view the speed of its movement, as long as he uses the app to write him a message and even call to chat.

Of course, we ourselves will be displayed on this map. If this is not desirable, then in the settings you need to turn off the visibility. We have our own character that we are developing, telling about accidents, traffic jams, repairs and even just using the program.

Here only it is not clear why this rating? After all, in addition to numbers and beautiful smiles no avail. Now, if some functions opened…

In the previous review considered the application MultiGO Fuel that helps to know the cost of fuel at filling stations. In Waze there is such a possibility, however, simplified it to a minimum. You can view the nearest gas station and the cost of fuel on them.

On the map, you can put your objects that will be visible exclusively to us. They can be shared with friends who also use this application to plot a General route, and schedule appointments.

In fact, friends we can also see on the map when they included the program. And the center of enterprises will be the social network Facebook.

Settings, the social Navigator Waze a lot, but the really cool features is not enough. You can choose the type of map display, day mode, enable the GPS speedometer, and so on.

But those interested in these options? They are in almost any GPS.

Noteworthy on the strength of two functions. After adding your Twitter account, we can publish reports about traffic and their routes. And if you still use a Foursquare program, we can easily “check in” in the wrong places.


For comparison of the navigation route, the same route in several navigation applications. For the test we will use the route Simferopol (Central square) – Moscow (Marsh area), and as the software is Google Maps, Yandex Maps, and of course, Waze.

As you can see, Waze social Navigator is one of the best, at least virtually.

Waze consumes a small amount of RAM is less than 50MB, but for comfortable work will be sufficient and a dual-core processor.

Waze is a very unusual navigation, which relies only on users. We’re supposed to do to report traffic jams, accidents and other incidents. According to these and to build our route. If there are traffic jams on the route, will be built a new route taking into account the situation on the road.

“Sociality” of the Navigator rolls in all directions. Directly through the app, you can write to someone and find out the information we need, however, there should only rely on the responsiveness of users. With friends much easier. We can create generic routes and track them on the map. Other features to mention viewing the cost of gasoline at the nearest gas stations, as well as “check-in” on Foursquare.

The application is absolutely free, no ads and domestic payments. But Waze developed only in cities with a large number of users, to small and provincial settlements it unusable.

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